The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico (CanCham) is a non-profit, independent organization composed by Canadian and Mexican companies mainly. It represents the interests of Canadian companies in Mexico and promotes trade and investment between Canada and Mexico.

CanCham Day, is the largest annual event organized by CanCham and its key purpose is to reunite the main Canadian companies with presence in Mexico with their equivalents in our Country. In addition to provide substantial information to the attendees, it is an excellent high level networking with the most important leaders of the Mexico-Canada community.

27 April 2017
Hyatt México

MIREC 2018

Mexico’s largest clean energy marketplace is taking place from 8-12 May in Mexico City. MIREC WEEK 2018 will feature new potential customers from C&I energy users, international investors and global pension funds. Featuring four streams on grid and storage, Finance and Investment, Solar and wind, as well as a host of new features including a huge cocktail party and the first ever Clean Energy Innovation Challenge.

Dates: 21 - 25 MAY 2018


It is the macro event of smart cities for Latin America. This edition aims to expand its platform to boost and develop smart and sustainable cities internationally. Through the Congress, the world's leading industry experts, cities and mayors will come together to present solutions to the common challenges faced by Latin American cities.

Dates: 27 - 29 JUN 2017


This year’s Mexico Summit will examine how issues of evergreen importance such as trade, security and economics are being addressed in the digital age with no shortage of analysis on the implications of Donald Trump’s election and the impending Mexican general elections.

Join editors of The Economist, senior business leaders, policymakers and leading thinkers to explore new opportunities in Mexico.

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Dates: 07 SEPTEMBER 2017
Place: Mexico, City

Growing Economies: Pacific Alliance Energy Forum

The Growing Economies: Pacific Alliance Energy Forum gathers the country members of the Pacific Alliance - Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile – to further the group’s evolving energy agenda and explore the new energy market opportunities arising from increasing regional engagement. The meeting brings together energy regulators and public sector leaders in charge of this agenda along with investors and financiers looking to strengthen their presence in the emerging Pacific Alliance energy market.

The Pacific Alliance Energy Forum will for the first time open this block to investors in a decision makers gathering to identify and highlight the opportunities and trends for the energThe Pacific Alliance country members have been implementing business-friendly policies for investors in the last decade, with Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile now in the top-third of the World Bank’s ‘ease of doing business’ within this block.

The Pacific Alliance country members have been implementing business-friendly policies for investors in the last decade, with Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile now in the top-third of the World Bank’s ‘ease of doing business’ ranking.

With a market of around 217 million people with an average GDP per capita of US$ 16 759 and 49 observer states, including global leaders such as Japan, China, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, the Pacific Alliance emerges as an attractive regional trade block of high growth economies with global appeal.

Dates: 28 - 29 September 2017
Place: Cartagena Colombia


Is the Second Global Convention related to: Mining, Energy and Metallurgy industries. This is a great opportunity to spread business, this will be the greatest conference of enterprises, professionals, speakers, lectures and the main representatives from the three vital fields in the global economy.

Dates: 8th -10th November 2017
Place: Monterrey, Cintermex

Latin America and Caribbean Gas Options

The Latin America and Caribbean Gas Options meeting is being developed as a platform for gas cooperation for the LAC region with regional and international partners along the gas value chain. LACGO will showcase gas procurement and utilisation strategies, bringing together a global gathering of energy leaders in order to enable Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve its gas potential, taking into account the specific stages of gas development that characterise countries of the region.

Panama has been chosen as a strategic location to host this investors’ gathering considering its potential to become a gas hub for the region. As the Panama Government states, the expansion of the Panama Canal which was completed in June 2016 aims at increasing the Canal’s capacity and allow for the transit of larger vessels. Canal authorities are also studying the possibility of building an LNG receiving terminal both for local power generation and with the aim of bunkering to provide LNG for ship borne propulsion. The move would further entrench Panama’s role in the new LNG market, both in the region and the world.

This project will act as an anchor for the multiple efforts that are being made by national, multilateral and private institutions to enable the regulatory framework and technical conditions needed to facilitate the advancement of a structured gas market at both national and regional levels.

Dates: 16 -17 November 2017
Panama City, Panama

Latin America Energy Forum

The meeting addressed trends and opportunities for power development in the national and regional power markets, focusing on countries’ policy and strategy to engage investors, regional energy cooperation, renewable and gas-to-power development, distributed generation, new energy technologies and financing solutions.

With the participation of Ministries of Energy, Regulators, Heads of Utilities, Buyers, Influencers, Technology Providers, Developers, Financiers and Donor Organisations as speakers and participants, the meeting was designed to hasten the pace of power development and anticipate the trends for the region’s energy future.

Dates: 6-9 March 2018
Washington DC, USA